Expungement Attorney
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Need Wichita Expungement Services?

In America, everyone deserves a second chance. One mistake shouldn't alter the course of your entire life.

If you’ve been convicted of a criminal offense, it can be devastating to your livelihood, your reputation, and your future. You’ll forever have the case on your record, and that can be demoralizing for anyone. You might find yourself unable to travel, unable to own a firearm, struggle to find work, and face other consequences. Even worse, in the digital age, your criminal record is never more than a few clicks away.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be this way. For many people, our Wichita expungement services can help erase a criminal conviction from your record. Expungement is the legal term for having a conviction or arrest “sealed” away, and it is commonly referred to as “setting aside a criminal conviction.”

Why Hire a Wichita Expungement Attorney?

Philip L. Weiser isn't just a Wichita expungement attorney; he also spent 15 years as a police officer. If our criminal defense law firm takes your case and succeeds, you will no longer have to disclose the arrest or conviction in most circumstances. It will be like the conviction didn’t happen to any future employer or educational institution. A standard public records inspection or background check of an individual’s criminal record will no longer show the conviction or arrest.

This means that your future and livelihood won’t be affected by the decisions made at court, and you can rest easy.

One Mistake Doesn't Make You a Criminal

Let's Set the Record Straight

Are The Records Gone Completely?

Expungement is a complicated process, and this is where it can become confusing for many. The record is not erased in the literal sense of the word. Law enforcement and criminal courts can still access it. Likewise, it's impossible to wipe away any media coverage of an arrest or criminal case. After an expungement, future prosecutions can use the expunged conviction that is “under seal” as proof of a prior conviction. So, while the record might state for many that you have no criminal history, it can still be accessed by legal authorities.

However, if you are never again charged with a crime, then expungement services can make a conviction or arrest invisible to most people and employers.

Why Should I Pick Philip L. Weiser?

In addition to spending 15 years in law enforcement, Philip L. Weiser has spent a great deal of time on both sides of the courtroom. That means he knows how the police and criminal justice system operates.

If you need a Wichita expungement lawyer and criminal defense attorney, then contact our criminal defense law firm today for your first consultation. It might be one of the best decisions you ever make.